The CRM market in China is maturing during a time when social media is king

CRM system market in China

Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are widely used to interconnect customer and client data to better operate companies. This concept was first introduced to China in early 2001 after China entered into the World Trade Organization. Nowadays, with the development of the internet and the rise of social media, more and more Chinese entrepreneurs are […]

E-commerce is the most important channel in health food distribution in China

health food and vitamin distribution in China

The most important sales channels for health food distribution in China can be divided into different types of distributors. Supermarkets and hypermarkets Premium sales channels Warehouses and new concept shopping E-commerce Direct sales Supermarkets, hyper markets remain the most important and popular sales channels for the health food distribution in China. Super and hyper markets […]

IKEA in China: Big Furniture Retail Adapts to the Chinese Market

Ikea in China

China has enjoyed rapid economic development since it opened its doors to the international market. The living conditions in China have significantly improved due to the economic strength China has gained. With the continuous improvements, the purchase power parity has driven China’s furniture market to develop. The population of China has become more willing to invest in home […]

Chinese IPOs in 2021 Q1 to look forward to

Chinese IPOs in 2021

Under the impact of Covid-19 in 2020, the total global economic growth is sluggish. However, China has become the only major economy in the world with reported positive growth. In such a positive capital environment, there is no doubt that Chinese companies have also achieved greater development, which provides them more opportunity and possibility to […]

XPENG: a Chinese EV maker’s “Internet DNA”

Xpeng or Xiaopeng Motors case study Chinese EV brand

XPENG, or Xiaopeng Motors, is one of the hottest Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers,  which gains its popularity from its technological innovations. After surges of Tesla and NIO stocks, two of the most discussed EV brands globally, XPENG’s stock’s exponential growth in November also caught investors and the general public’s attention. Compared to Tesla and NIO, […]