Tier-two and tier-three cities are expected to boom in the foreseeable future in China

tier cities in China

Tier-two and tier-three cities are expected to boom in the foreseeable future in China [See more about 2nd and tier cities in China] What differentiate 1st tier from 2nd tier city in China? This concept of classification is quite vague; even official bodies cannot give exact criteria for this classification. As a result, different consulting […]

Where to invest in China

Where to invest in China Daxue Consulting provides valuable market research and market potential data to assist you in your entry in China. Our team aims to provide the best consulting service among every market research firm. When it comes to enter China market, find the good place to start your activity is crucial. It […]

Cross Cultural Adaptation in China

Recently, China has witnessed a tremendous flow of foreign direct investment and there are a increasing number of foreign businessmen working in Sino-foreign joint ventures, foreign representative offices, wholly foreign-owned subsidiaries and branches. Although all Chinese expatriates encountered some cultural shocks and were greatly affected by communication, language, religious and traditional issues, several effective measures […]

French start-ups in China

App Annie

China, with a population of more than 1.4 billion people and an economy with a staggering growth rate has emerged as one of the most financially viable business hot beds for many European brands. This is the outcome of the increasing purchasing power of the Chinese middle income group. Consumers are now in a position […]

Beauty and Personal Care in South China

Trends and potential for personal care in South China The last a few years experienced a substantial growth in value sales for beauty and personal care products in China, and especially in the South of the country. According to consulting firms, the main driving force was the vigorous development of the economy as a whole. […]

Luxury brands on Chinese social network services

What is the most efficient way to build your reputation using the Chinese Internet? Of course, there is a multitude of answers for this question, regarding to the specificities of each sector or each company. Here is a focus on the strategy of leading brand in China. Social Presence in Chinese Internet The social animation […]

What are the key drivers to success on Chinese B2C Market? (2/2)

Tmall VS. Shangpin Tmall Tmall, spun off from Taobao into a separate business in 2012, is the largest B2C e-commerce platform in China. The site stocks over 70,000 Chinese and international brands and sells almost everything from socks to laptops. According to the Alibaba Group, Tmall’s gross merchandise value exceeded 100 billion RMB in 2011 […]

What are the key drivers to success on Chinese B2C Market? (1/2)

Few technologies have impacted China as profoundly as the Internet, which has changed almost every aspect of our lives, including the way we communicate with each other, how we keep track of our finances, how we do research, and even where and how we buy things. E-commerce has been growing steadily every year in breadth […]

China Stratey: Unilever in China

Recent moves by Unilever to raise 300 million RMB may appear modest in scale, but the decision by the consumer goods group behind Dove shampoo, Cornetto ice creams and Lipton tea to launch a so-called “dim sum bond”, denominated in RMB, has further underlined its Chinese ambitions. The Anglo-Dutch multinational has, by its own admission, faltered […]

Swimming equipments market in China

In the summer, especially in this Olympic year, the pool can go one of a couple ways: a great spot to relax and cool down or the perfect place to get your sweat on and kick up (no pun intended) your fitness goals. That equipment you see Olympians like Natalie Coughlin warming up with or […]