Nail polish market in China

Market Analysis for the New Products of Essie in China The well-known nail polish brand Essie recently released its 3 new series of nail colors: the Navigator Her series aims to target “beautiful and ambitious ladies“; the Resort series seeks to be a “miniature of the amazingly attractive world” and the Wedding series are for […]

Market of Childrenswear in China

Current Underdeveloped Chinese Childrenswear Market According to statistics, China has a vast number of childrens under 14 of age, which is about 216 million up to data from 2011, because of the sheer size of the country. This increase means a large potential market of children’s products, including childrenswear. However, results of China’s childrenswear market […]

JanSport in China, a Market Analysis on Outdoor Gear

JanSport is the Original Outdoor Gear Brand that embodies a culture of fun and discovery. It equips people globally with quality, enduring and reliable products that enable the freedom to experience life’s adventures. JanSport’s success extends around the globe and into walks of life that are as varied as its product offering. Providing world-class products […]

Market analysis: Tools used by luxury brands

Three tools used by luxury brands for consumers to find information – Their own website – Their own pages on social networks – Answering questions online Luxury brands are using the internet less as a tool to advertise (few luxury brand pays Google ads), but rather to answer consumers’ questions accurately and to correct wrong […]

China Market Report for Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada

Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada, was born 22 July 1960, she is a Spanish fashion designer who is one of her country’s best-known personalities in the clothing industry. Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada stepped into the fashion world in 1981 with her first women’s collection inMadrid. After a total success, she opened her first studio […]

Market study: Glamour-Sales in China

Glamour-Sales is a young yet ambitious shopping community website that markets high-end European fashion brands and unique lifestyle products and services. Glamour Sales already runs two websites of authorized flash sales with 800 brands: in China and in Japan. During flash sales, online members/buyers take advantage of limited-time discounts on exclusive products. Glamour […]

Swimming equipments market in China

In the summer, especially in this Olympic year, the pool can go one of a couple ways: a great spot to relax and cool down or the perfect place to get your sweat on and kick up (no pun intended) your fitness goals. That equipment you see Olympians like Natalie Coughlin warming up with or […]

China Market Report on Harry Winston, Luxury in China

Harry Winston, as one of the world’s most famous jewelry manufacturers in the jewelry industry, created significant world record and glorious history. As “The King of Diamonds”, Harry Winston in the world’s taken the leading position of top jewelry industry for more than a century, received vigorously sought by celebrity stars, and even with the […]

China market research: Asprey, British Royal Warrant of Luxury

Asprey, a distinguished brand from London, is still the most prestigious British luxury brand after over 200 years since its inception in 1781. Asprey is a symbol of exquisite fashion taste, superb craftsmanship and excellent quality, exhibiting a modern elegant British style. Asprey is known throughout the world for its precious jewelry, watches, leather bags, […]

Market report: Acqua di Parma in China

In 1916, master perfumers created a new fragrance, named as Acqua di Parma, in a small perfumer’s laboratory in the old town centre of Parma. It was unusually fresh and modern for its time compared to popular German perfumes that were stronger and more intense. This was the first real Italian eau de cologne, and […]