Market report: Acqua di Parma in China

In 1916, master perfumers created a new fragrance, named as Acqua di Parma, in a small perfumer’s laboratory in the old town centre of Parma. It was unusually fresh and modern for its time compared to popular German perfumes that were stronger and more intense. This was the first real Italian eau de cologne, and […]

China Focus on BVLGARI, Jewelry from France

BVLGARI, the world’s top jewelry brand from Italy, reflects strong classical style of Greece and Italy, with particular emphasis on the importance of colored gemstones in jewelry. BLVGARI considers that “color” is the essence of its design, which is an idea that can be traced back to the literary renaissance, when the jewelry stresses “free […]

China Focus on Adolfo Domínguez from Spain

Adolfo Domínguez is a company with a great tradition. The company’s beginnings date back to 1973. Everything started in a small tailoring workshop where gradually the brand started building its image and reputation. Then in the 1980s the slogan “Wrinkles are Beautiful,” the firm’s mark of identity and one of the most famous sayings to […]

Market research: Diamanta in China

Diamanta is a brand from Paris that sells luxury products including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and diamands. Its products cover a wide range of consumer needs, with prices from hundreds of euros to thousands of euros. It is still in its developing period, but it is still working to become an established name in the […]

Fashion week in China

CHINA is on the rise, not only economically but also in the fashion world too. 1.China Fashion week China Fashion week is held March 25th -31st for A/W collection and October 25th-31st for S/S collection every year. Shows include high fashion, ready-to-wear, accessories, make-up and styles etc. Each show last up to 30 minutes. China […]