Market report: Pierre Cardin in China

Market report: Pierre Cardin in China More about Fashion market in China Pierre Cardin: the first international brand to enter China The relationship between Pierre Cardin and China dates back to 1978. He was the first famous European fashion designer to ever come to China. At that time, China had not yet emerged from the Cultural […]

Retail & distribution in China (1/6): learn from previous experiences

Before entering a market, we recommend you to lead a research on previous experiences regarding international competitors, local competitors and your own initiatives when you expanded into foreign countries. To reach this goal, we suggest: –A documentary research screening the English and Chinese internet through various methodologies. –Qualitative interviews with experts –Qualitative interviews with competitors […]

Markets of cosmetics among Chinese students 1

Introduction With extension of globalization and rapid economic development, China has been recognized as one of the most promising markets in diverse areas for its large population and increasing living standard. China markets of cosmetics is just a right example. It not only contain a huge potentialto gain sustainable growth but also attract intensive focus […]

The Economy of Nanjing Since 2000

Overview Nanjing, as the capital of Jiangsu Province, is one of the most important economic centers of China. As an important industrial base in East China, Nanjing has a strong industrial economic strength, accounting for about 1% of the country total in terms of gross industrial capability, and about 40% of the total economic volume […]

Brief Market Research on Ningbo

General Overview on Ningbo: Ningbo is located at the shore of the East Sea and on the south of the Yangtze River Delta where the economy is booming. Neighboring Shanghai, Ningbo is a city which is open to foreign countries, specifically designated in the state plan and enjoys provincial first-class economic management authority. It is […]

Brief Market Research on Dali

General Overview of Dali: Butterfly Spring, Tree Pagodas of Chong Sheng Temple and Eerhai Lake Dali is the ancient capital of the ancient kingdom of Dali. Situated in a significantly Muslim part of South China, Dali was the center of the Panthay Rebellion against of the reigning imperial Qing Dynasty. It is now an important […]

Brief Market Research on Kunming

General Overview on Kunming: Hongta Group, Hongyun Group Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan Province in Southwest China. Kunming is among the first batch of The national famous historical and cultural cities. Because of its warm climate all the year round, it is called the “Spring City”. It is the political, economic and cultural […]

Harbin Economy Introduction 4

4 SWOT Analysis of Harbin Economy Strength – Harbin has a traditional and strong industrial base, especially in automobiles and equipment manufacturing. – The logistics center of Heilongjiang Province. Harbin has convenient road, rail and water transportation infrastructure. – Harbin has an abundance of natural resources such as water, minerals, forests and raw materials for […]

Focus on Henan’s Economy: Zhengzhou Metropolitan Area 3

Upgrade of Industry: High-tech is the keystone Agriculture has traditionally been a pillar of Henan’s economy, earning its reputation as the nation’s breadbasket. Therefore, food production and processing has been the core of province’s secondary industry. Besides, an abundance of natural resources have driven the province’s mining industry. The annual output of unsorted coal in […]

Weixin 3

PART 5 Market competition IM market is composed by Weixin and other competitors. In the point of view of the whole China market, seen from Figure 2, Mobile QQ, Mobile Fetion, and Mobile MSN were first three IM software, the market share were 57.8%, 27% and 8.1% respectively. But for weixin, even though its accumulated […]