IKEA in China: Big Furniture Retail Adapts to the Chinese Market

Ikea in China

China has enjoyed rapid economic development since it opened its doors to the international market. The living conditions in China have significantly improved due to the economic strength China has gained. With the continuous improvements, the purchase power parity has driven China’s furniture market to develop. The population of China has become more willing to invest in home […]

Office furniture market in China: Industry Report

the office furniture market in China

The office furniture market in China is in rapid development. After China joined the WTO, the tariff on office furniture decreased, triggering the increase of the office furniture export. Meanwhile, China is also one of the largest office furniture consumption countries. According to Qianzhan, the revenue of the office furniture market in China was over […]

The decoration market in China: A competitive market reaching maturity

Decoration market in China

The Chinese decoration market includes two sectors, the building materials market and the home-decorating market. The market as a whole is experiencing rapid growth due to increase of government investments and improvement of general living standards. It is extremely competitive as there is a large amount of small and mid-sized firms within the decoration market […]

The interior design market in China, a rising symbol of luxury | Daxue Consulting

interior design market in China

The interior design market in China The rise of interior design in China China has a long and profound history of home décor, and the modern home décor market in China is a fusion of traditional Chinese furniture with ancient roots and simple modern décor and furniture. The craft of interior design in China encompasses […]

The electronic component market in china

fil control textile electronic

The domination of Asian countries and china on the electronic component market Asian countries compete with other countries all around the world as far as electronic component production is concerned, boosted by an expanding domestic market and low labor costs. Therefore, electronic component market (supply and demand) is moving towards Asian countries which register a […]

China Market Research on the Italian Designer Cappellini

Cappellini offer completes itself with limited edition products, to increase the value of image and the cultural solidity of its realizations, but also to preserve a pinch of healthy fun. Cappellini also dedicates its research to the objects and the complements creating in 1992 a collection of products for the house calm and measured, simple […]

Market report: Italian furniture in China – Driade

Driade is an aesthetic workshop that from the start, began working with designers capable of anticipating new trends. It employs a philosophy of home-living based on the conviction that eclecticism, cultural collage, curiosity and surprise, represent the true sense of our age. Through the years it has produced furniture and other products to suit every […]