Chinese netizens reflections on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: National pride is alive and well

Chinese netizens reactions to the 2020 Toyko Olympics

Whether China won 38 or 42 gold medals, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics caused a rise of netizens commentary on Chinese social media. Through social media listening we gained a deeper understanding China’s national pride, but also openness and appreciation of other cultures.  Here are the main takeaways from social listening regarding Chinese netizens reflections on […]

Behind the industry of counterfeit products in China and lawsuit success cases

counterfeit products in China

Forgeries of luxury-brand products are more prevalent in China than in any other country in the world. When on the metro or walking down the street, it can seem as if nearly everyone is sporting a flashy brand name product. But much deadlier than casual counterfeits are the “real fakes”– counterfeit goods so similar to […]

Payment methods in China: How China became a mobile-first nation

Shipping methods in China

Over the past few years, paying with mobile phone has become a daily gesture in China. According to a survey, in 2018 92% of people in China’s largest cities use Wechat Pay or Alipay as their main means of payment. The phenomenon is the same in rural areas: 47% of the rural population is reported […]

Six notable Chinese IPOs in 2021 Q2

The Chinese market keeps booming through 2021 Q2 fueled by vaccine rollouts and improved macroeconomic indicators. The target GDP growth rate in 2021 was set to be at least 6% at the National People’s Congress held in March. Chinese IPOs in 2021 Q2 will continue to prove resilient to challenging global economic conditions. Brief Review […]

Genki Forest: a Chinese soft drink brand planning to tackle Coca-Cola

Genki Forest Rising soft drink brand in China

Genki Forest, founded in 2016, is a Chinese soft drink brand that specializes in sparkling water and instant tea. Because of the increased popularity of “low calorie” and less sugary food among Chinese people, Genki Forest’s relatively healthier products have successfully catered to a substantial target market. According to Xinhua News Agency, the monthly sales […]

Insider Talks with Google China: Insights into Google’s China operations

Google China Insider Talks

At first glance, Google China seems like an oxymoron. It is widely known that Google ended its search operations in China in 2010 and has since been blocked. However, Google’s search engine is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the internet giant’s operations. Therefore, the banning of the search engine was no […]

Ponzi scheme or money revolution? Chinese perceptions of cryptocurrency and bitcoin

Chinese perceptions of cryptocurrency and bitcoin

Bitcoin had a more than 300% surge since 2020. Naturally, cryptocurrency has gained tremendous attention from various stakeholders in China. Additionally, massive capital is flowing into cryptocurrency market in China. With the heating up value on bitcoin, Chinese netizens debate whether cryptocurrency is a massive Ponzi scheme that produces a meaningless output, or if it […]