Neiwai: China market case study of a women-empowerment lingerie brand


Neiwai is a Chinese lingerie brand launched in 2012 with the aspiration to create lingerie & loungewear that free wearer’s bodies and minds. The lingerie brand started only selling online and now has grown into a well-established brand with a full range of leisure-wear lines. Now Neiwai has over 110 stores covering more than 30 […]


2021 JD 618 shopping festival e-commerce trends

We teamed up with to share some Chinese e-commerce trends that arose during 2021’s 618 shopping festival. recently celebrated its 18th anniversary with its 618 sale, the anniversary marks the continuous growth of the ecommerce platform, with 2021 already indicating a 28% rise in sales from the previous year. Previously being known for […]

Gardening tools market in China: Rapid expansion driven by urbanization

Gardening tools market in China

The gardening tools market in China has grown substantially in the past 5 years. According to a report by ASKCI, the market size for gardening tools in China has grown from less than 600 million RMB in 2014 to more than 850 billion RMB in 2019, at a CAGR of 7.6%. The market is expected […]

The Chinese beverage market: How health trends shape drink preferences

the beverage market in China

Reaching approximately 595 billion dollars’ in 2019, the Chinese food and beverage market represents today a tenth of the global industry. With its’ 1.4 billion people strong consumer base, the Chinese beverage market shows strong potential. In 2019, China’s beverage industry was worth 578.5 billion Yuan, a 113.3 billion Yuan increase from 2014 at a […]

Walmart in China: Market entry case study

Walmart was founded in the United States by Sam Walton. It has now grown to be the largest retailer in the world with over 11,200 stores across 27 countries. Walmart entered China in 1996 with its first location in Shenzhen. By adapting its’ business model to cultural differences and sourcing locally, Walmart China was able to […]

New amusement parks in China open as tourism turns to domestic destinations

Amusement park industry in China

Following the global pandemic, Chinese tourists turn towards domestic sites for tourism, one of these destinations is theme parks. This domestic tourism boom with the development of the animation IP industry have jointly promoted the expansion of Chinese amusement parks. According to the data analysis of iiMedia Research, the market size (including tickets, catering, accommodation, […]

The olive oil market in China driven by health-oriented consumers

EVOO market in China olive oil

While extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) may be a staple in many countries’ cuisine, especially in southern Europe, it only has a very marginal use in China. Usually associated with foreign brands and healthy cooking, EVOO is rarely used in Chinese kitchens where soybean and rapeseed oils are more prevalent. Healthier cooking habits drive Chinese […]

The 8 China market trends experts predict for 2021

2021 China market trends

Key insights from ChoZan’s brand new 570+ pages report unveiled It’s no question that the pandemic has brought drastic changes to our lives, be it social distancing, working from home, etc. Many businesses and people’s livelihoods are suffering. Just as we are powering through this difficult time, we turn our attention to it’s a good […]

The inbound and domestic M&A market in China

The M&A market in China report

The number of deals has dropped since 2016 In 2019, the value and volume of M&A in China dropped by 14% and 13% respectively from 2018. Both domestic and outbound deals declined especially large deals. Both the volume and value of deals in first half of 2020 drastically dropped while the world was battling COVID-19. […]

China Paradigm 111: Using analytics to make data relevant in China

data analytics in China

Data analytics in China Matthieu David interviews Carole Gabay, Analytics Manager & Market analytics consultant. Insightful market analysis is really important in order to accurately determine consumer behavior and make solid market strategies. Carole Gabay has been doing market analysis for 25 years and her skills in this field have been honed and perfected based […]