Daxue Consulting, the first junior entreprise in China

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Daxue Consulting has been set up in late 2009 on the campus of Peking University by a former member of the first French Junior Entreprise – Junior Essec Conseil (1.5 million euros of turnoer a year and 250 projects a year). Daxue consulting was  founded on the campus of the best Chinese university: Peking University. Bringing the business model of Junior Entreprise in China, Daxue Consulting aimed at bringing the brightest brains together to perform market research and analysis for companies in China.

Daxue Consulting has handled more than 50 projects so far for MNCs and SMEs in diverse fields such as food and beverage, water treatment, industrial sectors, the internet sector, clothes industry or more recently some governmental insitutions such as the European Union. Along these different tasks, Daxue consulting has performed focus groups, mystery shopping, store-check, market research, market analyis desk research, primary research and secondary research. Daxue is especially dedicated in delivering meaningful and suitable  market reports to their clients.

The project can start at a budget of 500 euros for some data collection to several thousands which makes Daxue Consulting the most cost-effective market research in China.



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