Retail in Taipei

The retail brands in Taipei: RT-Mart, Matsusei, Far Eastern AMart, Costco, Dinghao welcome

As an international city, Taipei is a popular location for the retailers to set up stores. There is a profusion of retailers in Taipei, to name a few, RT-Mart, Matsusei, Far Eastern AMart, Costco, Dinghao welcome and so on.

Focus on Matsusei

Matsusei belongs to the Weiquan Group. This is not a common supermarket but a market selling goods from daily commodities to processed foods.

Focus on Costco

It is a special supermarket offering customers an entirely new shopping experience. Inside the more than 13,000 square meters of quality brand-name merchandise at low warehouse prices. Products from personal goods, outdoor goods, processed foods to fresh foods can all be found in Costco.

Focus on A. mart

Geant is part of French retailing giant Group Casino. It is a European hypermarket chain and is based in France. Géant has about 113 hypermarkets all over the world. The concept is to have all kinds of items available under one roof – from common household items and food to computers and home theater systems.

Géant had several hypermarket locations in Taiwan, now they were renamed a.mart. The revenue in 2009 has reached 17,6 billion Taiwan Dollars with an increase of 6%.