Shein’s market strategy: How the Chinese fashion brand is conquering the West

Shein's market strategy

Shein is now the largest cross-border fast fashion e-commerce company in China. The e-commerce clothing brand reaches the consumer markets in the United States, France, Russia, Germany and over 200 other countries. According to Airnow Data, in 2021 Shein’s mobile app has exceeded 7 million active users a month in the US alone. According to Jing […]

What made Double 11 2020 break records: Sales stats and new trends

Double 11 2020 image from

November 11th, also known as “Guang Gun Jie”, was invented at first to celebrate singles’ day, as opposed to Valentine’s Day. In order to boost sales, Alibaba turned it in to a shopping festival in 2009, in which year it earned a total revenue of 50 million RMB. From then on, each year brought more […]

Second-hand e-commerce in China reaches demand from a new generation of consumers

second-hand e-commerce market in China

Under the Chinese context, the word “Second-hand” (二手货) does not have a positive perception, as the previous generation of consumers do not take pride in consuming used product. It is a stereotype from the last consumer era in China when people were looking for “brand-new”, “luxury” and “possessions”. However, as the economy has matured, growth […]

The craze for e-commerce gamification in China, from charity to double 11

e-commerce gamification in China

E-commerce gamification in China was one of the top marketing strategies during Double 11 2020. Consumers are exposed to more stimulation than ever before. Thus, the traditional marketing tools like TV commercials don’t work like they used to. Companies have found more creative and engaging ways to capture consumers’ attention, which lead to the rise […]

The complete guide to Clothes Distribution in China

clothes distribution in China

Clothes distribution in China is shifting from offline to online. Online platforms are increasingly sophisticated, and brands must evaluate which platforms have the highest return on investment. Luxury, fast fashion, foreign and domestic brands all have unique needs which can be met by different distribution channels. Despite consumers turning more to online channels, offline channels […]

Daxue Talks 63: The evolving user experience on Bilibili during COVID-19 in China

Chinese e-commerce 2020

Evolving user experience on Bilibili covid-19 in China In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many online users have been changing their behavior on the video-sharing website Bilibili. And how are brands targeting their Gen Z consumers on the platform? Miro Li, founder of CHINable Academy and Double V Consulting, provides her insights.  Jump to the […]

Key Growth Engines of Internet retail in China

Internet retail in China

Internet retail in China has experienced exponential growth, with a current value CAGR of 58.58% from 2010 to 2019; the highest among all channels in retailing in the country. Internet retailing attracts a large consumer base in China, especially the digital-savvy young and middle-aged consumers, with the penetration rate of over 70% in 1st tier […]

Sephora in China

Sephora China

Sephora: legend of beauty Sephora is a world-famous chain cosmetic store. It was established in 1969 in Limoges(里摩日) France. The name “Sephora” comes from Moses of the Holy Bible, a beautiful, wise, brave and generous young man, standing for elegance, joy, and freedom. Moses’ ideals match perfectly with the operational strategy of the company. At […]

Food delivery in China: A rapidly expanding tech battleground

Food delivery in China photo credit: nicpic

The size of O2O catering market in China is growing as more Chinese order delivery for their meals. In 2018 revenues of online food delivery in China reached over 34 billion USD. The same year, online food sales rose by 36.8%. According to a recent report from the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, the size of […]