China Paradigm 61: From trading to solving the aging society time-bomb: A complete China experience

China experience

In this episode of China Paradigm, Stephane Muller-Margot, Founder of China Healthcare Golden Bridge speaks with Matthieu David-Experton about his entrepreneurial China experience. Muller-Margot has experience trading, working for an SOE, and now works in the healthcare industry. 1:37 Stephane’s experience chronology 9:52 What brought Stephane to the healthcare and technology sector 12:35 What Stephane […]

Healthcare market in China

Healthcare industry in China

A behavioural change which lead to the growth of Healthcare market in China China’s healthcare development is far slower than China’s economic growth. In 2010, China’s health expenditure accounted for 5.1% of overall GDP, while the world’s average was 6.4% and the developed countries’ average is up to 8%. China ranked 149 in the world. […]