Linking Chinese healthcare R&D and the Chinese healthcare industry with the rest of the world: China Paradigm transcript #124 with Douglas Corley

Chinese healthcare R&D

This transcript is based on our interview with Douglas Corley, an American healthcare entrepreneur and a bridge between Chinese healthcare R&D and western healthcare institutions. Douglas Corley is the founder and CEO of DHB Global in China. DHB Global provides clients with expert advice on the Chinese healthcare industry. Listen to the full episode of […]

Digital advertising in China, using simple platforms to engage Chinese customers: China Paradigm transcript #121 with Jie Zhang

digital marketing in China

Founded AdChina in 2015, provides a SaaS-based solution allowing foreign companies to do digital advertising in China across many local platforms. They received their first round of VC investment in 2019. Founder Jie Zhang’s educational experience was at Fudan University, where he studied physics. His previous work experience includes 10 years working for Huawei, […]

2014 SaaS start-up provides CRM solutions for companies on WeChat approaches $10 million in revenue and raising millions of dollars in external investment: China Paradigm transcript #119 with Kai Hong

crm solutions for companies on wechat

Matthieu David:  I’m delighted to say I’m joined today by Kai Hong, founder of JINGdigital. This SaaS company improves brands’ conversion using marketing automation tools. From customer acquisition to lead nurturing and life cycle marketing to customer retargeting, their solutions allow businesses to engage with their customers through their most important social channels in China. […]