We recruit Daxue’s team is a fast growing consulting firm and is consistently looking for talented candidates who are passionate about what they do.


Daxue has a unique environment with a lot of achievers who come from around the world and understand that combining hard-working and communication within a team is the key to success in business.

If you are seeking a great opportunity in an exciting industry, please check out our open roles. We may have the perfect spot for you.


Also, if you think you are suitable for a position at Daxue Consulting as a junior consultant or a senior consultant as well as writers of posts, please apply. We also regularly recruit students to join market research analysis and projects for specific clients. Please, do not hesitate to send a Resume and a Cover Letter to us.

Our Values


Our clients’ business is our business
We work and behave as business owners. For each of our clients, we advise and work as if we were in their shoes, on the frontline and investing along with them. We are doctors of client’s businesses.

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Freedom goes with responsibility
Freedom to manage and envision her or his mission is everyone’s responsibility. This high level of liberty in self-management can only go with a high level of rewarded responsibility.

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Silent will and loud humility
Knowledge requires humility. At Daxue, being humble toward science and the truth is valued as much as the desire of reaching truth and understanding of market environment

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Embrace change enthusiastically
Markets are changing, and we constantly update the tools we leverage to understand them. We value routine only when it helps getting better and we value change because it helps to keep pace with our time.
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Daxue Consulting Recommendation 

Before you apply for a position at Daxue consulting, we recommend you the following:


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– Marketing management by Kotler
– The 4 steps to the epiphany by Steve Blank
– The blue ocean strategy by Renée Mauborgne, W. Chan Kim
– Scaling Up by Verne Harnish
– The essentials by Peter Drucker
– Confessions of the pricing man by Hermann Simon
– The tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell

– The hard things about hard things by Ben Horowitz

– Predictive revenues by Aaron Ross, Marylou Tyler
– Books written by Jack Welsh
– Brand atlas by Joel Katz, Alina Wheeler
– The name of the beast by Denis MacEoin


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– Mixergy (in English)
– BFM L’entreprise by Philippe Bloch (in French)
– HBR – Harvard Business Review (in English)
– Chine Hebdo (in French)
– ConversionAid (in English)
– Acquired (in English)
– The Twenty Minute VC (in English)


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– South China Morning Post (English)
– Caixing (Chinese)
– The Financial Times (Chinese and English)
– The Wall Street Journal (Chinese and English)


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– Daxue newsletter
– Sinocism by Bill Bishop

We will reply within a week, and you will for sure get an interview. Contact us at dx@daxueconsulting.com 

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