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Daxue consulting, creator of China business podcasts

Daxue Consulting, market research and consulting firm based in China, works hard to produce qualitative podcasts to let listeners stay up to date with all business news in China and discover the true picture of the entrepreneurship landscape in the Middle Kingdom.

China Paradigms

  1. China Paradigms, a weekly show where we conduct interviews with entrepreneurs from different sectors who openly share their experiences, talk about industry trends, the difficulties they encountered and their personal “China-story.”
China Paradigm podcast

Know everything about entrepreneurship in China with China Paradigms

daxue talks

2. Daxue Talks, a daily 2–5-minute shows, where we interview experts who have closely linked their careers with China about the latest trends and laws and frequently asked questions that you need to know about a particular industry!

daxue talks

Start learning about business in China with Daxue Talks