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Brand Activation Toolkit

Brand activation refers to a specific campaign or event through which a company drives customer actions. It helps companies in China engage more with local customers by enhancing brand-consumer interactions both online and offline.

Brand activation is a campaign, event, or any interaction which improves brand awareness, establishes stronger ties with target audience and enhances customer loyalty. It is an isolated experience with the singular purpose of elevating your brand. Therefore, brand activation is an interactive and effective method of attracting your target audience to make a brand recognizable, thereby helping you stand out from thousands of brands in a competitive market like China.

Our steps for activating your brand in China


Our team will help you identify your buyer personas and know your customers better.


Our international project team will assist you in setting your goals and budget.


Depending on your brand, industry, and audience, our consultants will help you choose the right activation strategy.


We will ensure all tasks are assigned to the right people.


Our team will help you find ways to create buzz online and amplify your brand activation campaign.

When to opt for brand activation services in China

A brand activation toolkit is valuable in China when businesses aim to create awareness, engagement, and loyalty. It provides a quick overview of the market situation, leveraging existing information. However, to ensure relevancy, brand activation should be complemented by market research methods like surveys and interviews, considering the local context and consumer behavior. Integrating these approaches enables businesses to develop effective brand activation strategies and achieve success in the dynamic Chinese market.

What Brand Activation Toolkit brings you

Enhance your brand awareness

A brand activation will open a two-way dialogue with potential customers about your brand, raising brand awareness and jolting your brand to life.

Attract more loyal customers

A brand activation helps you establish an emotional connection between your audience and your brand, thereby enhancing customer loyalty.

Reach a wider audience

A brand activation helps convey your message to a wider audience and create buzz around your brand.

Brand Activation Toolkit's related services and methodologies