Farfetch UX research in Korea and China

Farfetch x Daxue consulting South Korea market research

Client profile

Farfetch is a British-Portuguese online luxury fashion retail platform that sells products from over 700 boutiques and brands. The company’s mission is to be a global platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers.


The main objective of the project was to understand Chinese and South Korean customer profiles and online behavior for one of the brands on its platform.

They key questions the client was looking to answer were:

  • What is their Chinese and Korean consumers’ typical online/offline shopping journey?
  • What are the consumer’s opinions about the brand’s renewed homepage, product listing pages, and product detail pages, and check-out page?
  • What is still missing and can be improved or localized for the respective market?

Research process & methodology

The client contacted Daxue Consulting to assist the execution of in-depth interviews with Chinese and South Korean consumers to understand more about the online consumer experience.

  • Schedule and attend a briefing call with Farfetch analyst team and Daxue moderation team
  • Conduct 60- to 120-minute video-call interviews conducted by local and trained moderators in each language
  • Provide FARFETCH analyst team with the video and audio record including English word-by-word subtitles matching the respondent’s speech during all the video

Daxue Consulting conducted a series of in-depth video interviews with the client’s Korean and Chinese customers in order to collect substantial and qualitative feedback on the targeted questions.

After conducting the interviews, we provided a video and audio record including English word-by-word transcript/subtitles matching the respondent’s speech during the video. Using the research we provided a top-line summary report was provided to the client with actionable recommendations to help our client optimize its homepage for a smoother shopping experience with less drop-outs.


The results of the in-depth consumer interviews and analysis allowed the client to know what improvements to make to their online user experience in South Korea and China.

Having become one of the most localized Western platforms operating in China’s luxury industry, Farfetch was cited as “one of the very few western platforms succeeding in China” in 2021 by the company’s Vice President of Commercial, Greater China and APAC.