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Technology and Trends in APAC E-commerce Market for Clarins

dauxe consulting client clarins

Client profile

Clarins is a family-run French multinational cosmetics company founded in Paris in 1954 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins. The company is a major player in manufacturing and selling skincare and makeup products.


The client reached out to daxue consulting in 2021 to give a workshop on the technology and trends that will shape the APAC e-commerce market in 2022.

Research process & methodology

We conducted a region-wide market trend analysis with desk research provided insights from the three following perspectives:

  • Consumer Acquisition: in terms of gamification, live commerce, and consumer relationship management
  • Consumer Journey: Focusing on social commerce, mobile payment, big data, and personalization
  • Packaging and Delivery: Concerning logistics innovation, multiply initiatives, unboxing experience, and membership programs.

We used desk research to uncover the new technology adoption and trend in the APAC e-commerce market. On top of this, we did a competitor analysis to analyze how our client’s competition used these digital marketing tactics. Some aspects of this research were:

  • Examples competitors’ gaming features
  • A how-to of the live-streaming process across
  • Consumer relationship management

With the development of technology, immediacy has become one of the essential features of the e-commerce market in APAC.  We deep dived into the integration of social media and marketplace (known as social-commerce), the development of mobile payments, and the wide application of big data with AR that facilitate personalization.

We shared the emerging trend of logistics, delivery, and unboxing experiences for the APAC region. Drawing insights from both Chinese and foreign platforms, we elaborated on:

  • Regional consumer preferences and expectations in receiving and unboxing orders
  • The tech innovations in the region improving efficiency
  • How brands can implement social responsibility in packaging and shipping
  • How to implement membership programs to increase customer loyalty


We presented our findings to Clarins’ headquarters team, Chinese local team and APAC teams in a workshop. The workshop was followed by an extensive Q&A session to react on priorities set up for the group.