Tech-led Consulting and Research

Conducting market research and collecting data with the assistance of technology help us generate an analysis with high accuracy and efficiency. We offer several tech-assisted research methodologies meant to make data more accessible for our clients.

Tech-led consulting consists in collecting data with the assistance of new technologies. By integrating multiple data sources, it is possible to combine motivational-emotional inputs with data gathered on social media or other digital platforms to create meaningful insights and viable applications.

How we run tech-led consulting and research in China


Our team will carefully review our client’s request and ensure every action we take is in line with their goals.


We will find one or more suitable methodologies to collect data based on what we want to know.


Our skilled professionals will utilize cutting-edge tech-assisted methodologies to gather consumer data.


Based on collected data, our consultants will present meaningful insights and indicate the next steps to be taken.

When to use tech-led consulting in China

Tech-led consulting and research can be highly advantageous in China when addressing complex business challenges and leveraging technological advancements. It is particularly effective in industries driven by digital transformation, such as e-commerce, fintech, and artificial intelligence. By harnessing advanced technologies like machine learning, automation, and data analytics, tech-led consulting offers innovative solutions and actionable insights. Combining technology-driven strategies with industry knowledge enables effective decision-making and allows businesses to thrive in the dynamic Chinese market.

What Tech-led Consulting and Research brings you

Get access to more data

Tech-led consulting helps you obtain data that you may not be able to acquire otherwise.

Acquire the right data

Our team will help you select the correct methodology to collect the data you need to reach your objectives.

See what people actually do online

Daxue Consulting employs several tools allowing you to figure out what is happening on your website, app, or e-commerce.

They trust us

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