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Customer Understanding

We use multiple precise and professional methods to provide you with a clear picture of your target customers.

Understanding Chinese customers is key to need to have a clear picture of their needs, desires, behaviors, and expectations. If you know your customers, you can provide them what they are looking for, enhance their engagement and trigger a virtuous circle of positive word-of-mouth recommendations. The complex socio-economic situation in China, with its huge population and local peculiarities, makes customer profiling quite complicated. Thus, it is time- and labor-consuming carrying out customer research activities by yourself. Our job consists in offering you deeper insights about customers with effective, time-saving, and accurate methods. With our client’s needs in mind, at Daxue Consulting, we are experts in using consumer research tools not only to obtain data from consumers but also to elaborate them in a meaningful and usable way.

Customer Understanding's related services and methodologies