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Brand Positioning

Brands are viewed as the primary enduring asset of a company, outlasting the company’s specific products and facilities. Developing a brand positioning strategy helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your target consumers, as well as your local and foreign competitors’ positioning on the Chinese market.

Brand positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image so as to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target consumers. A proper brand positioning in China will lead your company to build a prestigious and high qualitative image that can help you overtake local brands and gain a competitive edge over foreign competitors.

Our steps for building a powerful brand positioning in China


Consultants will research your target market, consumers, and competitors to discover elusive trends and insights valuable for building your brand image in China.


We will evaluate your capabilities, as well as define and highlight your strengths to convey your brand to customers.


Based on your brand potential, consultants will customize three critical statements (vision, tagline, brand line) and deliver your brand message across both internal and external channels.


Daxue Consulting will help your team keep consistent in your China marketing message across different channels.

When to opt for brand positioning services

Brand positioning is vital in China to differentiate businesses and establish a unique market position. It shapes how a brand is perceived and provides a competitive edge. With brand positioning consulting, businesses gain insights into the Chinese market, consumer preferences, and competitors, enabling them to develop a strategic positioning strategy. This includes crafting compelling messaging, defining brand attributes, and creating an identity that resonates with Chinese consumers. By opting for brand positioning consulting, businesses can effectively differentiate themselves, attract their target audience, and build a strong brand presence in the dynamic Chinese market.

What Brand Positioning brings you

Assess the potential of your brand

By combining your brand image and the analysis of your target market, you will be able to measure the potential evaluation of your brand awareness in China.

Understand your capabilities

You will be able to define or redefine the promises and strengths of your brand in the Chinese market and highlight the rationale behind why consumers should choose your brand.

Penetrate your market

You will be able to maintain the brand foundations and image, while making it accessible and attractive to the Chinese market.

Brand Positioning's related services and methodologies