Alternative data

Over the past ten years, data has been generated every minute on the Internet, opening up a new field of possibilities for brands and investors: alternative data in China. Thanks to its technical knowledge, technological tools, and creative problem solving, Daxue Consulting can collect and analyze all types of data to provide your business with an informational advantage.

Alternative data are unstructured, raw data from non-traditional sources. It can be divided into three different categories: satellite data, sensor data, and web data. The use of alternative data allows businesses obtain unique insights that can convert into important competitive differentiators. Alternative data in China do not come from official company reports or publications, archives, sales histories or press releases, but from other types of sources whose primary purpose is not to provide marketing data.

How we work on alternative data in China


We will dig into industry data and scope out your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.


Our team then will get access to the relevant datasets and translate raw data into clean and meticulous data.


Consultants will utilize artificial intelligence-based platforms to dissect data.


Daxue Consulting’s team will draw direct conclusions from these gathered data to provide you with the best strategic recommendations.

What Alternative Data brings you

Obtain unique insights

The use of alternative data in China will allow your business to obtain unique insights from real-time data that can be important competitive differentiators.

Cross-check information

Alternative data can cross-check information, which is particularly relevant in China where official data have often been criticized for lack of transparency.

Get first-mover advantage

Alternative data allows you to receive information from untapped official reports and news before competitors find it.

They trust us

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