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Brand Naming

Foreign brands entering China often experience challenges when it comes to adapting their branding strategy, one of these challenges is brand naming in China. Beyond making it easier to remember, having a Chinese name also helps you better convey the essence of your brand.

The Chinese brand name is a consumer’s first impression of a brand, which makes the naming process a top priority before entering China market. Daxue Consulting offers the following naming services: brand naming, product naming, corporate naming, re-naming, brand architecture, packaging copy, and tagline creation. When choosing a Chinese brand name, we abide by 7 criteria: appearance, breadth, distinctiveness, semantic value, pronunciation, strategic impact, and sound.

How we can help you find a company name in China


During the kickoff meeting, our team will seek to understand your brand through a series of pre-defined questions on brand identity.


Learn more about your competitors and your target consumer group.


Our consultants will identify your company vibes and find the most accurate way to convey it.


We will generate as many keywords relates to your products, history, purpose, vision, and values as possible.  


Our team will gather and sort a list of at least 50 possible names for cross-checking them against your brand positioning.


We will make sure your new name does not sound odd/offensive in other Chinese dialects and that it is not legally taken.

When to opt for brand naming services

Brand naming is essential in China to establish a memorable brand identity that resonates with the target audience. A well-crafted brand name communicates the brand’s values and differentiation, attracting attention and setting it apart from competitors. Cultural nuances, local language, and consumer preferences in China should be considered when developing a brand name.

Opting for brand naming consulting ensures a compelling brand name that enhances recognition, recall, and customer engagement in the dynamic Chinese market.

What Brand Naming brings you

More opportunities in the Chinese market

A proper transliteration of a foreign brand into Chinese characters may open the doors to a market that has no equals in terms of size and potential for growth.

Proper brand name association

The sounds, the color, the typeface, typesetting convey powerful ideas associated with various emotions. We will make a well-selected name spark intense emotions in your customers and clients.

Show commitment to the Chinese market

Adopting a Chinese name will help Chinese consumers find you online as well as show them your brand is genuinely committed to engage with and understand them.

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