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Brand Equity

Brands are viewed as the primary enduring asset of a company. Particularly in China, consumers greatly rely on brand value and awareness to purchase.

Brand equity is the intangible value of a particular company or product based on consumers’ perception of the brand name. A brand with high equity tends to be well-known and positively perceived by many consumers. This helps create the idea that its products or services are better than those of lesser-known brands.

How do we build, leverage, and enhance brand equity in China


Our research team will leverage both qualitative and quantitative methods to give you an idea of your brand equity in China.


Our consultants will use various proven methodologies to analyze your brand visibility in China, such as face-to-face interviews and online surveys.


Our team will help you enhance engagement online in China through very close-to-market methodologies.


Daxue Consulting will also assist you in brands assessing your offline presence in the Chinese market through store checks.


After analyzing the collected data, we will design a tailor-made branding strategy aimed to build, leverage and improve your brand equity in China.

When to opt for brand equity consulting

Building strong brand equity is crucial in China as it signifies the value and influence a brand holds in the market. It encompasses factors like brand reputation, customer loyalty, recognition, and perceived value. By opting for brand equity consulting, businesses can assess and enhance these elements, ensuring a robust brand presence. Opting for brand equity consulting in China allows businesses to differentiate themselves, command premium pricing, and achieve long-term success in the competitive market.

What Brand Equity brings you

Capture value-driven consumers

By building and enhancing your brand equity in China, you will better communicate your values to your target consumers.

More loyal customers

Brand equity help develop greater customer loyalty and less vulnerability to competitive marketing actions or marketing crises.

Maximize your revenue

A strong brand equity will reduce negative customer response to price increases.