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Tribe Marketing

When forming an opinion about a company, people are traditionally influenced by their environment. Studies show that reference groups have a stronger influence on Chinese consumers than that on their Western counterpart. Tribe affiliation becomes dominant over individual preferences, and this is especially noticeable when observing younger consumers.

A tribe is a small group of consumers who share common interests and interact with each other on social media. Therefore, tribe marketing is a marketing strategy that leverages the social behavior of certain groups of consumers in order to promote goods or services.

How to conduct tribe marketing in China?


Daxue Consulting will identify the main factors allowing competitors to win over Chinese consumer tribes.


Our consultants will analyze consumer trends and identify what factors drive consumption.


Our team will break down consumers by demographics and common values.


We will analyze the tribe’s behavior through social media listening and provide recommendations on how to maximize sales through target marketing.

When to opt for tribe marketing

Tribe marketing in China provides a competitive edge by leveraging communities and social connections. It excels in industries driven by peer influence, like fashion and beauty. By engaging specific consumer groups, businesses foster brand advocacy, generate organic buzz, and tap into the social nature of Chinese consumers. Tribe marketing is particularly effective with China’s active, socially influenced younger generation, who value peer recommendations. Through authentic content, businesses can cultivate strong brand communities, benefit from member enthusiasm, and gain influence in the market.

What Tribe Marketing brings you

Build stronger ties with your consumers

Consumer groups seek brands not so much because of their functional value as because of their social value. Thus, tribe marketing can help you create closer relationships with your consumers as well as define their group identity.

Promote new products

Tribe marketing can help brands introduce new products to a niche consumer group with the same mindset, same goals, sense of collective responsibility, motives, and morals.

Untap new opportunities

Identifying and targeting niche consumer tribes can untap tremendous opportunities for your business.

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