Co-branding Strategy

Co-branding is an effective way for companies across multiple industries to combine forces in order to increase their brand visibility and profits, as well as reduce individual costs and risk. Particularly in the Chinese market, co-branding strategies have been widely used and seem to work well.

Co-branding, also known as IP collaborations, is a marketing strategy in which two or more businesses join together in an alliance for the mutual benefit of all parties. Collaborations can come from completely different industries, such as the cooperation between Uniqlo and Kaws. Over the past few years, many brands have successfully drawn traffic, boosted their sales and even rejuvenated their brand image through embracing co-branding strategies in China.

Our steps for an effective co-branding strategy in China


Our team will help you analyze your own brand to have clear what your values are.


Our consultants will make a list of possible partners who share those values for your co-branding strategy.


After in-depth research, our team will shortlist and introduce you the most suitable partners.


Our project team will help you set your brand goals and define your marketing mix.


We will utilize the gathered information to design a tailor-made IP collaboration strategy for you.

When to adopt a co-branding strategy in China

Co-branding strategy consulting in China is beneficial when businesses seek to harness the advantages of partnering with another brand. It proves valuable in scenarios such as brand extension, new market entry, product innovation, and reaching new customer segments. By leveraging consulting services, businesses can identify suitable brand partners, tap into their equity, gain market insights, and drive growth through strategic collaborations. Co-branding strategy consulting ensures a comprehensive approach to developing collaboration strategies, mitigating risks, and maximizing the benefits of co-branding in the dynamic Chinese market.

What Co-branding Strategy brings you

Enhance their brand awareness

Through their co-branding initiative, both brands increase a lot of exposure and enhance their popularity and influence.

Gather more loyal customers

Co-branding help brands gather fans from different fields and increase credibility and respectability among consumers.

Develop high-quality products

During co-branding process, both brands share ideas and resources to develop a new product or service and market it effectively to consumers.

They trust us

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