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Our Team


Matthieu David

Matthieu was educated at ESSEC Business School, where he first encountered the ideas behind Daxue’s innovative model, and it was at the prestigious Peking University that he found a way to apply them to China. With great experience in finance and consulting, he has provided services in China to over 100 clients, and has been widely quoted in media outlets including Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Technode, TechinAsia, Israeli press and Peking University Press, as well as on BFM Radio.

Our consultants

Yuwan Hu | Vice President

Yuwan graduated from University of Bourgogne and INSEEC and has been working in the market research field for 7 years, both in France and in China. She joined Daxue Consulting in 2015 and has completed various projects in different sectors, such as cosmetics, education, printing, and F&B. Fluent in English, Mandarin and French, she has developed a profound insight into the operations of foreign companies in China

Thibaud André | People Director

Over his 6 years spent in China working at Daxue Consulting, Thibaud has been providing market analysis and adapting market research methodologies to the Chinese market. He previously worked for 4 years in France, working in the field of marketing and within marketing research firm Nielsen. Thibaud has been collecting experiences supporting market entry of B2C, B2B and public institutions in China and his expertise has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, China Daily, South China Morning Post and more.

Min Chun | Key Account Manager

Min Chun studied in the States at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as well as at the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) in Adelaide in Australia. He’s had six years working experience previous to joining Daxue Consulting in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China

Remi Blanchard | Client Services Director

Remi is a brand strategist and marketing consultant with solid experience on the European and Chinese markets. After working for the international marketing department of major fashion and jewelry brands in Paris, he has decided to embrace new challenges in China where he has been living for the last 7 years. He has since then been sharing his expertise in terms of marketing strategy – in particular in communication and branding strategy – with SMEs and established groups within the luxury, beauty, fashion, hospitality and F&B industries. He is regularly quoted in recognized global media such as Vogue Business, WWD, The Business Of Fashion and South China Morning Post.

Steffi Noel | B2C Research Director

Steffi studied marketing and branding at CELSA and the communications school of La Sorbonne in Paris, and has been living in Shanghai since 2018. She has strong experience in go-to-market strategies, strategic social listening as well as the Chinese e-commerce and social media ecosystems. With over 10 projects in the fashion and beauty industries, she has built a solid understanding on these topics for the whole Asian market.

Yu Tiange | B2B Research Director

Grace YU obtained her master's from London School of Economics with academic background in both economics and finance. She has strong experience in fact-based market entry and market growth strategy across various industries, particularly for non-transparent markets like tech, healthcare, industrial, finance and automotive. Her specialties include bottom-up addressable market sizing, strategic growth projection, frontline competitive intensity study, new growth driver identification / validation, blue ocean positioning and practical market activation.

MingYii Lai | Senior Consultant

Ming obtained her MBA from Peking University, Guanghua School of Management and passed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level II exam. Prior to joining Daxue, she had working experience in project management and investment research in China and Southeast Asia markets, specializing in sectors such as consumers, healthcare, tech, and building materials.

Camille | Senior Consultant

Camille studied international trade and management at the Inseec School of Business and Economics in France and the Nottingham Trent University in the UK. With previous experience in consulting and marketing, he joined Daxue after graduating in 2021. Since then, he has led projects and directed market research reports in various industries including tech, insurance, F&B, cosmetics, and personal care.

Lutina Gu | Project Manager

Lutina Gu studied for a master's degree in International Management at the Ivey Business School in Canada. Priore to joining Daxue, she has acquired numerous bank and financial services consulting experiences in Canada, Netherlands, and China.

Junni | Project Manager

Junni Zhang studied in Monash University and Austrlian National University in Australia. She's had cross-industry work experience in management/IT cousulting previous to joining Daxue Consulting.

Hanyu | Project Manager

Hanyu Liu studied at King's College London with a degree in Political Economy. Prior to joining Daxue, he's had cross-industry work experience in international trade, real-estate, and digital marketing.

Lisa Zhang | Project Manager

Holding a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics and Marketing from the University of Sydney, Lisa Zhang is keen on developing marketing solutions for businesses with both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Having a customer-centric and culturally-conscious mindset, she can provide businesses with a deep level of insight into Chinese consumers. Since she joined daxue consulting, she has worked on various market research projects for clients in the F&B, fashion and beauty industries.

Vivi Zhang | Project Manager

Xuan Zhang (Vivi) obtained her Master degree from Warwick Business School and her bachelor degree from the University of Liverpool in the UK. She has been involved in projects in a variety of industries, in the fields of beauty, cosmetics and information technology.

Hugo | Project Manager

Han (Hugo) Wei graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a degree in Wealth Management. Prior to joining Daxue, he's had cross-industry work experience in financial services, consulting, and luxury.

Shuyi | Project Manager

Shuyi Han studied Business Information Systems at Tasmania university. She has been at daxue consulting for over 2 years and has been working on various projects across different industries including FMCG, F&B, fashion, home appliances, cosmetics, and luxury goods. She has also worked in daxue’s marketing and social media operations.

Jessy Zhang | Project Manager

Zhang Lei (Jessy) majored in International Marketing Management at University of Leeds. She joined daxue consulting in 2020. She is specialized in strategic social listening, consumer data analysis, naming, as well as private traffic leverage in China. With strong experience in fashion and food industries, she is good at integrating Chinese market trends and bringing opportunities to foreign brands

Jiaming Feng | Project Manager

Jiaming Feng obtained her master's degree from the University of Melbourne and bachelor's degree from the University of Sydney. She has been working on various projects across different industries including F&B, fashion and beauty, machinery, and others. She has experience in fields such as data analysis, social listening, supply chain, marketing strategy and others.

Media and Marketing

Allison Malmsten | Marketing Director

Allison graduated from the University of Minnesota and has completed a capstone program at Nanjing University to speak Mandarin at a professional level. She has experience in fields such as supply chain, marketing strategy and public relations, and is also well-versed in topics such as environmentalism and Chinese B2C markets.

Denise Cheng | Marketing Manager

Denise graduated from Oxford Brookes University in International Business Management, including a placement year of working in London. She has experience in marketing and is passionate about digital and social media marketing.

Antonello | Marketing Analyst

Antonello obtained his bachelor’s from the University of Bologna, including an exchange to China University of Political Science and Law, and his master’s from the University of Turin and Beijing Foreign Studies University. He has developed a strong expertise in China’s luxury industry, content marketing and SEO before joining the team as a Marketing Analyst.

Jiayi Lu | Marketing Analyst

Jiayi (Zoe) Lu studied fashion design and luxury brand management at Istituto Marangoni Milan Campus. She has in-depth insights on global luxury and beauty industries by working with Italian luxury brands. Having completed over 10 China market study reports and having lived and worked in four countries, she has a unique, personal understanding of cross-cultural marketing strategies.

Stéphane Badel | Digital Transformation Manager

In China since 2014, Stéphane graduated from Nantes University with a masters degree in French & Chinese management. He develops the technical part of the marketing effort of Daxue and provides solutions for SEO/SEM and automated data analysis for qualitative and quantitative research.

Yoyo | Happiness Manager

Full time member of Daxue since 2016, Yoyo has a proven track record of successful office management, happiness management and napping coordination. Strategically employed on pet food market sizing, branding and marketing projects, she has been of crucial help with various research such as the pet care market in China.
- Most time spent at the office
- Happiness rate: 100%
- Once created over 123 new slides by napping on a laptop
- Messages sent to clients by accident: 4
- Employee of the year: 5 years in a row