About us

About Daxue Consulting:

Daxue consulting is a market research and management consulting agency focusing on the Chinese market. We are leveraging a multiple-methodology approach in order to support clients’ needs, auctioning traditional methodologies as well as technology-driven tools. With offices in Beijing and Shanghai (as well as a commercial representation in Hong-Kong, South Korea and France), daxue consulting’s team is composed of local and overseas-educated Chinese as well as China-educated foreign project managers. Our commitment to understanding clients’ challenges and base all our recommendations on data and insights have convinced more than 400+ clients to work with us and come back to us for new research projects.

With a team of 30+ full-time project managers and connections all over the country, daxue consulting is able to cover China entirely in terms of data collection and research. Daxue consulting is often solicited in order to work on market sizing, market opportunity assessment, acquisition and target identification, and consumer research. We have worked with major international companies as well as for SMEs.

Our Story:

Daxue consulting was created in late 2009 by Peking University Guanghua Business School MBA candidate Matthieu David-Experton and the Chinese undergrad candidate Zheng Jingwen. The name “Daxue” conveys two meanings in Chinese: in modern Chinese, Daxue means University while in old Chinese, the word Daxue referred to one of the 4 books founding Confucianism.

In late 2010, daxue consulting became a private company, and in 2014, Daxue Consulting added a third pillar (traditional consulting and national data-collection coverage being the first two) with technology including big data, social listening or crowd-sourced data through apps. In 2015, following regular demand from market entry clients for following-up services, daxue consulting restructured its operations and segmented its offers into different Daxue’s practices

Expertise and Involvement

The client is at the heart of our work. We are able to manage projects everywhere in China through our network of consultants and our panels. Based on these resources, we can carry out missions in a variety of projects such as new technologies, food and beverage, fashion industry and industrial sectors. We place our customer at the heart of our approach. All the methodologies are adapted to our customers to meet the best of their expectations, every client, every project is unique and represents a separate challenge for our team