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Brand Book

A brand book sets out specific guidelines for developing brand identity in all external and internal communications, thereby enhancing business consistency and cohesion as well as ensuring a competitive edge over competitors in China.

A brand book, also called brand bible, brand style guide or brand guide, is a comprehensive document that defines and explains every aspect of a brand’s identity and provides all the brand’s details and standards. A brand book is a great help for marketers to develop their brand awareness. Especially in a competitive market like China, brand is a powerful driver of sales since local consumers tend to associate renowned brands with quality, reliability, and social status.

Our steps for writing a brand book in China


Our team will help you identify your brand mission, values and target consumers in China.


We will help you set visual guidelines: color palette, logo usage, font, tone of voice, and other graphics.


Our consultants will involve your staff along the whole decision-making process.


Our team will make sure your content complies with the guidelines in your brand book.

When to opt for a brand book in China

A brand book is valuable in China when businesses aim to establish a strong and consistent brand identity. It provides comprehensive guidelines for brand elements such as logo usage, typography, color palette, and tone of voice. By documenting and defining these key aspects, a brand book ensures brand consistency across various channels and touchpoints. It enhances brand recognition, fosters brand loyalty, and streamlines marketing efforts, ultimately helping businesses establish a cohesive and impactful brand presence in the Chinese market.

What Brand book in China brings you

Enhance your brand awareness

Writing a brand book will help you define what sets you aside from your competitors and find out your unique selling points.

Improve consistency

Having a brand book assures that every team member in your company creates content in line with your brand identity.

Gather more loyal customers

A brand book ensures consistency of brand identity during marketing process, helping gather more customers and develop greater loyalty.

Brand book in China's related services and methodologies