Business Plan

Having a detailed business plan in China is vital to better understand your goals and design future investments. Daxue Consulting’s business plans are aimed at empowering our clients and providing them with a clear outline on how to run a robust business in China.

A business plan is a roadmap defining corporate objectives as well as the way to achieve them. It often includes specific information on the market, 3-year cash flow projections, benchmarks of competitors and an estimation of investment needs.

Our steps for writing a business plan in China


Our consultants will research your target market and understand your long-term goals to guide further research.


We will use all our customized methodologies of market research and consulting in China to provide the best business plan.


Our team will conduct competitor analysis and SWOT analysis to detect your strong points and opportunities.


Based on gathered data, we will elaborate a marketing plan and an operation strategy.


Our consultants will create a detailed timeline setting out business goals and when they are meant to be achieved.


If you are starting out, we will prepare a financial plan including required investment, operating cost, profitability, financing, and repayment estimates.


By combining the gathered data, we will design an actionable roadmap to help you develop your business in China.

What Business Plan brings you

Support your decision-making process

Through identifying your company’s key priorities and setting feasible goals to achieve in the next few years, a business plan in China will help you make thoughtful core decisions.

Understand your business

With a clear business plan, you can better understand the market by defining your target market and setting out detailed steps necessary for your company to reach your goals.

Detect your weaknesses

When writing down your business plan, you can identify some weak points in your business and address them in time.

Business Plan's related services and methodologies

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