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China Market Entry Strategy

With a population of over 1.4 billion inhabitants and a growing middle class, the Chinese market clearly appeals to many brands. Nonetheless, success is not guaranteed and there are many things to know before expanding your business in China.

Entering a new market without previous preparation is a leap in the dark due to political risks, cultural differences, foreign exchange volatility and local peculiarities. A market entry strategy provides foreign companies with a roadmap to better understand their target market, available distribution channels, potential competitors, and long-term objectives.

How to strategically plan a step-by-step market entry in China?


Our team will work out challenges, opportunities, existing and future trends, and their potential impact on your business in China.


By analyzing competitors, our consultants will identify successful and ineffective strategies.


Learn more about your strengths and why you are well placed to seize current opportunities.


By interacting with end-consumers, you will know more about preferred purchase channels, information sources as well as the acceptance of your marketing messages.


Our team will help you identify your consumer segments and create your marketing personae.

Analyze & Design

By combining the gathered data, we will design an actionable roadmap for your first 2 to 3 years in China.

When to opt for market entry services

Market entry services in China are valuable in various scenarios. They are particularly beneficial for businesses expanding into the Chinese market for the first time, navigating a highly competitive landscape, or facing industry disruption. These services assist in understanding local regulations, identifying suitable partners, and developing a differentiated market entry strategy. Market entry services also ensure compliance with legal requirements and provide insights on market trends and consumer behavior. By leveraging market entry services, businesses can effectively navigate the complexities of the Chinese market, seize opportunities, and establish a strong presence for sustainable growth.

What China market entry strategy brings you

Deeper understanding of your target market

An analysis of the Chinese market can help brands obtain reliable and key information on their target industries, ripe segments, and competitors.

Greater knowledge of the Chinese regulatory framework

Pre-market entry research provides companies with a full understanding of the local regulatory environment.

Support your strategic decisions

A China market entry strategy helps brands make the right decisions concerning external communication, brand development, and market positioning.

China market entry strategy's related services and methodologies