Agile Strategy

The first step into failure and disaster when launching a new product or entering the Chinese market is stubbornly sticking to an earlier commonly known path to success. Especially in a unique and dynamic environment like the Chinese market, obstinately following strategies that have shown success in the past can be fatal.

At Daxue Consulting, we define being “agile” as making a series of small, iterative refinements so that an organization has the flexibility to respond to unpredictability. These iterations are at the heart of what we called iterative marketing in China. Being agile does not mean following a methodology, it is rather an approach, a mindset.

How to design an agile strategy in China?


The most common agile framework for project management in China. The scrum team is self-organized within the framework, meaning that everyone will be responsible for scheduling and completing its own work.


Kanban is a project management system helping you visualize every step of your workflow. This will allow you to easily identify problematic phases and enhance efficiency.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

SAFe is a flow-based system well-suited to complex projects. It accelerates the feedback loop, thereby increasing productivity, job satisfaction, and work quality.

When to opt for an agile strategy consulting

Agile strategy consulting is valuable in China for businesses operating in dynamic and fast-paced environments. This service is particularly useful when facing market disruption, driving innovation and product development, navigating dynamic market conditions, and addressing intense competition. Agile strategy consulting enables businesses to adapt quickly, make data-driven decisions, and respond effectively to changing market dynamics in China. By leveraging agile methodologies, businesses can enhance their agility, efficiency, and responsiveness to customer demands. Opting for agile strategy consulting in China empowers businesses to seize emerging opportunities, mitigate risks, and achieve sustainable success in the ever-evolving Chinese market.

What Agile Strategy brings you

Adopting a consumer-centric project management

Unlike traditional product-centric models, agile strategies can help you better adapt to an evolving market by avoiding develop and produce a product full-scale, which could end up not getting purchased.

Seize more opportunities

By applying an agile strategy, you can seize more business opportunities and quickly optimize your business strategies whenever there’s a new consumer trend coming up.

Support strategic decisions

Since Chinese consumers’ behavior is difficult to understand and to anticipate, having a rigid plan could be harmful and hard to arrange. Instead, adopting an agile strategy allows you to make more cost-effective and less risky decisions.

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