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Crisis Management

Crisis Management is the art of dealing with a sudden event that threatens both internal operation and external stakeholders of an organization. A crisis includes sudden and unexpected events, which may lead to an unstable situation in the organization. China is a country with unique and often unforeseeable challenges, and a plan for crisis management is necessary for surviving in the country.

There are internal and external crises that companies in China may encounter that require unique strategies. External crisis management in China includes responses to natural disasters, crises of malevolence, and public health crises like SARS or COVID-19. Internal crisis management in China includes responses to financial crisis, technology crisis, deception crisis, workplace violence, confrontation crisis, and organizational misdeeds. Crisis management requires companies to be socially and culturally conscious, to be able to have a quick response, and to effectively communicate with employees and consumers.

Our steps for Crisis Management in China

For External Crisis Management


Our tailored solutions will allow you to protect your business operations while taking care of your employees.


Our team will maintain consistent internal communication with employees to ensure employees’ psychological needs and keep their morale high.


We will perform social listening to understand new demands, feelings, and reactions of your customers to allow you to adapt your marketing and communication strategy.


Our experts will help you offer your customer a sense of security by providing insurance policies.


We help you show corporate social responsibility by making plans for corporate support.

For Internal Crisis Management


We will empower you to quickly react and tone down internal or external discontent.


Our consultants will assist you in writing apologies and PR letters aimed at avoiding further backlash from Chinese netizens.


Our experts will help you think outside of the box to seek alternative solutions and avoid backlash inside and outside China.


We can guide you in crafting your post-crisis strategy and reshaping your China story in a positive narrative after a crisis occurs.

When to opt for crisis management services

Crisis management is critical in China for businesses facing unforeseen challenges or reputational threats. Consulting services help develop proactive strategies and contingency plans to mitigate damage and protect brand reputation. By assessing risks, establishing communication protocols, and implementing crisis response procedures, businesses can effectively navigate crises in China. Opting for crisis management consulting ensures a structured and coordinated approach to crisis communication, stakeholder engagement, and reputation repair. It enables businesses to safeguard their brand image, maintain customer trust, and recover from crises with minimal disruption in the dynamic Chinese market.

What Crisis Management brings you

Building Trust and Leadership

You will build stronger trust and leadership through effective communication and care for employees in times of crisis.

Better Company-Society Relations

Having a good crisis management framework can help you build good social responsibility skills in China, thus enabling you to establish stronger ties with your customers.

Ensure Operation Continuity

In times of internal crisis, you will be able to respond and communicate quickly, as well as solve problems while ensuring operational continuity. You’ll solve the crisis quickly and reshape your brand.

Crisis Management's related services and methodologies