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In Vivo Research

Unlike the desk research, in vivo research in China allows you to gather valuable information about customers’ real-life environment and behaviors.

Stores are the place where customers tend to make their buying decisions and we strongly believe that it is the best place to gather relevant and reliable information about customer behavior and purchasing criteria. In vivo research is an innovative in-store fieldwork methodology which can lead you to take substantial competitive advantage by collecting information that your competitors might not have.

How to conduct in vivo research in China?


Daxue Consulting will design a detailed research plan that is customized to fit with your needs and expectations.


Our professional and discreet team will perform in-store fieldwork and behavioral analysis.


Based on collected data, we will detect your business’ strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.


Consultants will hand in a final report to give you all the answers and suggestions you were looking for.

When to use in vivo research in China

In vivo research in China can provide significant competitive advantage by collecting firsthand information about customer behavior and purchasing criteria in the place where buying decisions are made— stores. It is a valuable methodology for gaining reliable and relevant insights that may not be available to competitors. By observing customers’ behavior and understanding their decision-making process in real-world settings, in vivo research enables businesses to tailor their strategies and gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese market.

What In Vivo Research brings you

Get reliable and relevant information

In vivo research in China can help you analyze customer behavior and identify their purchasing criteria.

Stand out from competitors

By relying on in vivo research, you acquire substantial competitive advantage by gathering information that your competitors might not have.

Assess business decisions

In vivo research helps you assess new product launches, in-store marketing activation, merchandising or customer experience.

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