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Mystery Shopping

First impression is key to induce customers to enter a shop, especially nowadays that experiencing is more important than owning. Our mystery shopping in China can help you examine your market strategy and fine-tune it to suit your needs.

Mystery shopping aims to ensure that the processes you designed for the market are in place and working well and that employees are providing the best customer service they can. We have been conducting mystery shopping projects for years in the service, retail, and supermarket sectors for companies all over China.

Our steps for mystery shopping research in China:


Our team will build a custom-built group of investigators tailored specifically to the demand of the investigation.


We will then deploy mystery shoppers in bot higher and lower tier cities across China.


Our experts will also conduct mystery phone calls under the guise of a customer, a potential partner or a journalist.


We will conduct qualitative interviews with vendors and customers.


Our team will collect photographic and quantitative data gathering, descriptions of storefront conditions, and access to store records.

What Mystery Shopping brings you

Insights into your storefront

Mystery shopping can help you investigate the condition of your store and the interactions between your customer and employees.

Understand your overall performance

You can use mystery shopping to better understand your customers' satisfaction, the quality of your items, and the productivity of your staff.

Evaluate and support your strategy

Gathering insights into your sales and customer service can assist you in evaluating your current market strategy and making key decisions.

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