Store-Checks in China

Store-checks in ChinaDaxue Consulting can conduct store-checks in China (Shanghai, Beijing, and other top 50 cities) with our partner The Store-Checkers. We have realized several store-checks in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Harbin, Nanjing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, and Dalian.

Methodologies for Store-Checks China

To conduct store-checks in Beijing, Shanghai, and other top 50 cities, Daxue Consulting uses various methodologies:

  • Deployment of investigators to conduct store-checks in dozens of cities
  • Information grid to collect information
  • Taking pictures and making recordings
  • Vertical and horizontal analysis of products
  • Final Results for a Store-Check China
  • The recommendations resulting from market research are accompanied by some deliverables, which may include:
    • Analysis and conclusions per store on PowerPoint
    • Photos and recordings
    • Comparison and benchmarking of the visits
    • Recommendations on processes and positioning

We work closely with your staff to create the store checks’ guideline and ensure you the best findings from this methodology. Our staff has strong experience with store check realizations in Beijing, Shanghai, and other top 50 cities in China and can provide you with the best expertise in the analysis and recommendations which result from your project.

The store-checks help our clients get in-depth knowledge on a range of products in one specific location. It also helps to identify products with visuals, counting the number of prospects / customers, and the visuals on the Point of Sales (POS). It can be from the appearance of the stores, the order of the product/service, the staff presence, the management of the stocks with its product availability, the use of promotional material, etc.

By means of store checks, a brand, business, or retailer can getup to date information from different outlets. A store check can be about look, order, hygiene, staff presence, stocks, product availability, price setting, the use of promotional material, etc. Due to the geographical spreading of our store checkers, we can always keep you up-to-date. Your region or district managers can do a store check by means of our smartphone app as well as the reports that are prepared afterwards.

In-store Data isKey in China

In the competitive retail market, in-store analytics are quickly becoming a vital tool for businesses. For obvious reasons, theyhelp retailers keep a close eye on their customers and provides valuable insights on store performance. Best of all, this data can be followed up with tangible actions resulting in a better overall performance of your business.Traditional retail stores are still an important part of the consumer market, despite the quick growth of e-commerce. Many stores and companies are aggressively implementing analytics techniques to win audiences back from e-commerce competitors. With that said, in-store analytics is becoming an indispensable part of a brick-and-mortar retailer’s operating strategy. Its benefits can be seen in other areas too, including marketing, merchandising, and fraud prevention. Other benefits of in-store analytics include assisting retail operations to understand consumer needs, improve employee efficiency, drive sales growth, and better appeal to customers. With a competitive market within China, the fight for the consumer is important to keeping your business running, and Daxue Consulting, using the latest advances in technology, is here to help traditional retailers survive.


Case study: Customer on the Wine industry 

Our client is a Wine Consultancy; they are helping wine manufacturers optimize their distribution abroad. To know more about the specific market in China, they were in need of a store check study in their main demand locations. They wanted more information about the consumer, shopping habits, product placement, accessibility of products, etc.


The company used our solution to have eyes on the ground, in each retail shop where its clients or partners were distributing their wine. Our solution helped them to analyze the pricing policies set in hundreds of wine retail outlets nationwide. It also helped them to check if their products were accessible to the customers, as well as if the price indication was correct and clear enough, and if there was enough available stock of the products. Daxue’s thorough analysis provided valuable information to our client which helped them to make changes in order to better serve the consumer.

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