Lean Management

Lean management originated from the Toyota Production System. The goal of Toyota was to reduce the cost of business while eliminating waste. On this basis, lean management is a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks small, incremental changes to improve efficiency and quality. Lean management in China faces unique but solvable challenges.

With the continuous improvement of the global industrial chain, embracing lean management in China allows businesses and manufacturers to increase competitiveness. Chinese firms face deteriorated management efficiency as they break away from former state‐controlled mass production. Lean management helps increase flexibility in manufacturing, enhance manufacturing research, and prevent overproduction.

Our steps for lean management consulting in China


We conduct feasibility studies and competitive analyses to understand your industry, determine the viability of your project and collect the details you need to secure future investment.


Our team will host one-on-one, in-depth interviews with lean management experts in your field to understand the process as well as the industry.


We design and facilitate exploratory travel and learning expedition in China for you to learn more about your specific market.


Our experts help you customize a new business plan in China based on market research findings, distributor, supplier, and sustainability analysis.


Our employee training will help all levels of management and staff understand new lean management practices.

When to opt for lean management

Lean management is valuable in China for businesses seeking operational efficiency and process optimization. By adopting lean principles, businesses can eliminate waste, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. Implementation involves identifying non-value-added activities, streamlining workflows, and empowering employees for continuous improvement. Lean management consulting in China provides expertise on lean methodologies, process audits, and organizational change.

What Lean Management brings you

Improved Efficiency and Competitiveness

By focusing only on actions that add value, you’ll be able to minimize deadweight loss and improve efficiency, thereby having more resources to allocate to product innovation and quality.

Sustainable Development

In a complex market that is constantly changing, lean management prepares you for better adaptability and long-term development.

Employee Involvement

The lean management process requires that all employees feel involved. You’ll train your staff to diagnose and solve problems and enhance their sense of involvement in the company’s decision-making process.

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