Business Turnaround

Identifying the need for a complete transformation and then implementing the necessary changes can pose tough challenges for enterprises. Our business turnaround consulting service helps brands define a clear vision on how to improve their strategy based on their current and future competitive advantage and how it adapts to its various core market segments.

A business turnaround consulting service in China provides adapted and data-based solutions to firms in need of a re-orientation of their resources and efforts. Daxue Consulting has developed a set of close-to-market methodologies to identify new market opportunities in China in line with the ambitions and available resources of our clients.

Daxue Consulting also works with growing companies, assisting them with various challenges from anticipating market shift to arranging an internal re-organization.

Our steps for a business turnaround in China


By screening its distribution channels, brand image, and positioning, we identify where the brand has room for improvement and need for a re-orientation, by screening its distribution channels, brand image, and positioning.


We identify, define and quantify the consumer segments the brand can focus its marketing effort on.


Our team will provide clients with strategic recommendations to re-orientate their resources through 3 scenarios – the main, most favorable, and market-changing scenario.

Follow up

Our consultants will offer a quarterly follow-up to evaluate brand health and to monitor KPIs to take stock of the work done.

What Business Turnaround brings you

Strategic and Customized Plans

You will be able to identify your company’s SWOT and gain customized strategies to optimize resource allocation. You will detect the specific market segments where you can be a leader.

Comprehensive Operational Improvement

Through a turnaround consulting, you will gain data-based recommendations for organizational structure, marketing strategy, distribution network, range of offer and financing.

Increase Competitiveness

A business turnaround consulting will allow you to optimize your resource allocation as well as to quickly adapt to market evolution and to improve the efficiency of your operations.

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