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Our services for Chinese brands in the western market

Daxue consulting has created the 7 Continents initiative to provide market research and consulting for Chinese brands going global. On top of our solid foundation of understanding Chinese business culture, our team of consultants from China, Europe, North America and all over the world are ready to help Chinese brands enter western markets.

What can our 7 Continents consulting provide for Chinese companies?

Global market research for Chinese brands including:

We follow our market research with Global strategy consulting

Why is now the time for Chinese brands to expand globally?

The world has never been more interconnected, making different countries’ markets easier than ever to reach. Through platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, Wish and Shein, Chinese brands can gain access to the rest of the world, however, without a catered Global market strategy, there are limitations to potential success.

The global market offers unlimited opportunities, the GDP of the US alone is 20 trillion USD, the EU’s is around 18 trillion, compared to China’s 14 trillion. On top of this, the global market is far from homogenous. Even within specific countries like the US, there is no monopoly on fashion trends and consumers are highly willing to try new brands that fit their individual image. With the right amount of consumer research, every brand can find their niche and expand from there.

Though mature North American, EU and Oceana markets are not for every brand. There is even more global opportunities for Chinese brands in rising economies like Russia, Brazil and SouthEast Asian countries.

Success cases of Chinese brands in foreign markets

See our case studies on Chinese brands foreign market strategies:

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