Media Consulting

The Chinese media industry covers a broad range of news and information channels- from traditional to digital media. It’s constantly transforming as technology continues to reshape the way information is consumed. Our media consulting service helps businesses understand and navigate China’s complex media industry.

Media consulting helps clients optimize their digital strategies in a complex market. With expertise in the Chinese market, Daxue Consulting specializes in data-based media consulting in China. We give companies strategic marketing advice in accordance with market complexities to improve their operational efficiency.

How our Media Consulting in China works:


We employ scientific testing methods to test user reactions to different digital stimuli and advise on how to increase conversion rate and website usability.


Our team will conduct online surveys tailored to specific research need that will allow your business to target the right customers through the right communication channels.


We capture daily user behaviors and map out their purchasing journey.


We identify online touchpoints to test the best way to convert your target audience online.

What Media Consulting brings you

Thrive in a digitalized industry

You will earn comprehensive insights into digital channels, consumer behavior and online touchpoints based on analytical, data-driven information.

Increase traffic conversion

Your company will be able to market through different platforms and optimize user experience, thus generating more traffic and on-site conversion.

Improve brand awareness

You’ll also reach consumers with more engaging content and enhance your online presence.

They trust us