In-depth Interviews

Qualitative research can help brands have a deeper understanding on how people think and behave. Due to their loose structure, in-depth interviews in China are a powerful qualitative research tool aimed at grasping industry experts’ or consumers’ point of view, feelings, and perceptions.

In-depth interviews in China (IDIs research) are a qualitative research methodology consisting in conducting intensive individual interviews, usually with a small number of respondents, to analyze their perspectives, experiences or feelings regarding a particular market situation, marketing campaigns or incipient product launches in China.

Our steps for conducting IDIs in China


Daxue Consulting will conduct pre-research of the target market in China.


We will write a questionnaire for the selected experts to answer, giving a direction to the discussion and avoiding losing information.


Our team will recruit knowledgeable professionals forin-depth interviews to provide us with valuable insight.


Our consultants will guide the conversation by asking broader questions, and then focus on details as the interview progresses.


Our team will utilize the gathered pieces of information to identify key consumer insights and make valuable recommendations.


Consultants will write a final report to give you all the answers you were looking for.

What In-dept Interviews in China brings you

Get expert knowledge

Through in-dept interviews in China, you will gain deeper understanding and "insider knowledge" of your area of interest.

Support your strategic decision

You can better formulate your strategic decision based on the information received from the respondents.

Collecting critical feedback about your products

Consumer insights can be used to better adapt your products or services to your customers.

In-dept Interviews in China's related services and methodologies

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