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Our clients’ goals are our goals

We work and behave as business owners. We see ourselves as an extension of the client’s business in China or their target country, hence, we advise them as if we were in their shoes and investing along with them.

Freedom enriches creativity & responsibility

Freedom to manage and envision her or his mission increases the sense of responsibility to that mission.

Intellectual humility gives clarity

Only through the lenses of humility can knowledge be seen clearly. At daxue consulting, we are humble toward science and the truth. We interpret data in a way that lets it speak for itself, even if contradicts our hypothesis.

Embrace change enthusiastically

Similar to how markets are constantly changing, our mindset is also always evolving. We value routine only when it helps us improve and we value change because it helps to keep pace with our time.

Knowledge is meant to be shared

While our projects team dives deep to provide catered research to clients, the media team shares insights publicly. At the same time, we foster a culture of sharing knowledge in our team, each individual works to increase their own knowledge and freely shares ideas each other.