Desk Research

Also known as secondary research, desk research is a critical part of market analysis. It helps drawing a picture of the area which you would like to explore further, thus it is the starting point of a comprehensive market research.

Desk research means collecting and analyzing secondary data and content related to your research subject. The content may come from internet sources, magazines, books, and all places where you can find the related information. It may include but is not limited to the industry overview, competitor analysis, government policies, cultural environment, user segmentation, etc.

How we conduct desk research to help you understand the market:


Our team will design the desk research according to our clients’ needs.


Our consultants will collect related data and content.


Daxue Consulting will analyze data and ensure all collected information is accurate and plausible.


Our consultants will examine gathered data and present our analysis to the client.

What Desk Research brings you

Understand your industry

By conducting desk research, you will get a clear picture of the industry you would like to enter.

Build a solid foundation for your strategic decisions

Market insights can help you make important decisions about your brand positioning and future development.

Complement and validate your recent campaigns

Desk research can complement and validate your recent activities to ensure you are on the right track.

Desk Research's related services and methodologies

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