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China market feasibility check for a Korean startup accelerator

Client profile

The client was a Korean government agency focused on incubating startups under the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT.


The client reached out to daxue consulting in 2020 to evaluate the market feasibility and potential of Korean startups in China. Aspects of the feasibility analysis include Chinese purchasing intent across industries, barriers and challenges Korean startups may face in China, and recommendations on market entry strategy.

Research process & methodology

The research process was conducted in two phases to determine the market feasibility for each startup:

  1. Research phase: market expert screening
  2. Fieldwork phase: virtual meetings

We conducted thorough desk research to screen and identify key market experts of similar product categories in the supply chains relevant to the startups, which we divided into three categories:

  1. Top players in manufacturing and importing in each relevant product category
  2. Top players among auditors, KOLs, distributors, and other intermediaries
  3. Top players of both online and offline retail

During the fieldwork phase, our research team conducted in-depth virtual meetings with market experts in the industries relevant to each startup to a better understanding of their market prospects.

The discussion of the conference calls, led by our moderators in Chinese, focused on some key questions to provide insightful and detailed analysis for the client.


We delivered a summary report and detailed minutes of the conference calls with market experts to help our client’s startups make key strategic decisions in the Chinese market.