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Focus Groups

Understanding the Chinese market requires you to get as close as possible to the actual consumers. Conducting focus groups in China is the solution to understanding how the local consumers perceive your products.

Focus groups are a form of qualitative research through discussions of 6-10 target consumers that usually last 2-3 hours. We recruit participants in the focus groups based on the clients’ criteria for their target market. By interacting among each other, recruited consumers generate new ideas which could provide direction for future campaigns, products, and adjustments.

Our steps for running focus groups in China


Learn more on the background of the target market in China.


Our in-house trained team of recruiters enables Daxue Consulting to be fully equipped to enroll any class of consumers in China.


Our team includes native moderators available in both first- and lower-tier cities.


Participants are interviewed before the starting the actual session to help the moderator to detect differences and similarities.


All the discussions are audio and video recorded and sent to the client afterwards.

Follow up

We reach out to participants to see if new insights came to their mind after the actual focus group sessions.


Our team will utilize the gathered information to identify key consumer insights and make valuable recommendations.

When to use focus groups

Focus groups in China can be a valuable research method when seeking deeper insights into consumer behavior, attitudes, and preferences. They can provide a more interactive and in-depth discussion with participants, allowing to better understand their motivations and decision-making processes.

Focus groups are particularly useful when exploring new products or services, testing marketing messages or concepts, and identifying areas for improvement. They can also provide insights into local nuances and cultural differences that may be difficult to uncover through other research methods.

What Focus Groups brings you

Deeper understanding of your consumer base

Focus groups help mapping attitudes, motivations, and decision criteria of Chinese consumers.

Collecting critical feedback about your products

Consumer insights can be used to better adapt your products or services to your customers.

Support your strategic decisions

Collected data helps brands make decisions concerning brand image monitoring, brand development, and brand positioning.

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