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Consumer Survey

It can be challenging to understand the state of a market that is as large and complex as China today. Daxue Consulting’s market survey in China can assist you in uncovering customer demands and expectations, market opportunities, potential trends, or even competition landscapes.

Consumer surveys are consumer research tools utilizing questionnaires to dig deeper into your target consumers’ needs and expectations, thereby providing them with the right products and services.

Market surveys give a better grasp of the consumer’s everyday life and perceptions. Moreover, our knowledge of China’s culture and consumer behavior allows us to give you the best analysis of such qualitative data.

Our steps for consumer survey in China


Our team will work closely with you to understand your objective and target market.


We will recruit specific, highly-targeted people through our network of fieldwork assistants and online platforms.


Our experts will then create the questionnaire based on your information needs.


We will conduct both online surveys, by launching the questionnaires on our survey platforms, and conducting offline surveys.


Our specialists will polish the data and carry out a panel quality assessment.


Our experts will analyze the collected data and report it in actionable key insights for your team.

When to opt for a consumer survey

Consumer surveys are valuable in China for businesses seeking insights into consumer preferences, behaviors, and needs. They play a pivotal role in market research, new product launches, and measuring customer satisfaction. Surveys aid in market segmentation and provide valuable data for brand perception analysis. By utilizing consumer surveys in China, businesses can make informed decisions, tailor their strategies to meet consumer demands, and gain a competitive advantage in this dynamic market.

What Consumer Survey brings you

Deeper understanding of your brand performance

Consumer surveys offer insights into your market positioning, brand awareness and reputation, as well as those of your competitors.

Critical insights into your market

We can help you retain and expand your consumers and identify your market’s drivers of growth.

Support your strategic decisions

Our consumer surveys can enable you to make data-driven choices that can make you increase your market share, competitiveness, and opportunities.

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