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Marketing Advice

In China’s rapidly evolving market, effective marketing strategies are essential for brands to provide tailored services, build trust, and launch successful advertising campaigns. Adapting to the unique characteristics of the Chinese market is crucial for brands to thrive in the world’s second-largest economy.

Marketing agencies serve clients in multiple ways to help them achieve their business goals. Daxue Consulting is a marketing agency boasting a proven expertise in the Chinese market and experience in satisfying over 300 international clients. We had the chance to work with influential multinational corporations such as Samsung, Audi, and Carrefour and helped our clients launch advertising campaigns through multiple channels like APPs, prints, radio, television, social media and the internet.

How we design a marketing strategy in China


Our team will conduct extensive research to understand your target market, consumer behavior, and industry trends.


We will use all our customized methodologies of market research and consulting in China to provide the best business plan.


Our consultants will craft a customized marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives and captures the unique dynamics of the Chinese market.


Working closely with you, our team will implement effective marketing tactics and campaigns to engage your target audience in China.


We will help you establish KPIs and implement measurement tools to track and optimize the performance of your marketing efforts.


Our consultants deliver comprehensive reports, insightful analysis, and practical recommendations for success in China’s dynamic market.

When to opt for a marketing advice

Companies that are navigating the complexities of entering the Chinese market can leverage consulting expertise to develop tailored marketing strategies that align with local consumer behavior, cultural nuances, and regulatory requirements. During periods of market volatility or intense competition, seeking marketing advice can provide valuable insights and data-driven analysis to guide brand revamp efforts. Moreover, companies undergoing significant business shifts, expanding product lines, or targeting new demographics can benefit from consulting firms’ expertise in reinventing their brand and ensuring its relevance and resonance with Chinese consumers.

What Marketing Advice in China brings you

Get a deeper understanding of your target market

Our in-house team of experts vaunts a deep geographical and cultural specialization for the Chinese market and can help you find the best way to capture the heart of local consumers.

Mitigate the risk of potential scandals

Due to the peculiarities of the Chinese socio-economic framework and its unique culture, international brands cannot just apply their global strategy to China. Daxue Consulting helps foreign companies conduct careful marketing campaigns to avoid scandals and negative consumer perceptions.

Overcome China’s market challenges

Marketing in China can be challenging because of the language barrier, Chinese values, different social media platforms, local search engines, KOL culture, and censorship. Our experts help you overcome these challenges and maximize your ROI in China.

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