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Diary Research

Diary research is a valuable tool for companies seeking to gain insights into the daily lives, behaviors, and attitudes of Chinese consumers.

Diary research is a qualitative research method in which participants keep a written or electronic diary to record their daily experiences, behaviors, and thoughts. In the context of China, diary research can be conducted in various formats, such as paper-based or mobile-based, and can cover various topics, including consumption habits, media usage, and attitudes towards specific products or services.

When to use Diary Research in China

By observing and recording the everyday experiences, actions, and opinions of Chinese consumers, diary research can provide companies with rich insights into their needs, preferences, and motivations. This can help companies design better products, craft more effective marketing campaigns, and establish stronger brand identities in the Chinese market.

What Diary research brings you

Rich insights into daily lives and behaviors

Diary research provides detailed and valuable insights into Chinese consumers' daily lives, behaviors, and habits, enabling companies to create more relevant and effective products, services, and marketing campaigns.

Unfiltered and unbiased feedback

Diary research provides participants with the opportunity to record their experiences and thoughts in their own words, providing unfiltered and unbiased feedback that is not influenced by the presence of a researcher.

Longitudinal data collection

Diary research allows for the collection of data over an extended period, providing valuable insights into trends and changes in consumer behavior over time.

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