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Healthcare Consulting

China’s healthcare industry is projected to be worth $2.4 trillion by 2030 due to growing domestic demand and its expanding global reach. Daxue Consulting’s expertise in healthcare consulting will help you optimize your market strategy.

With the ubiquity of smartphones and the development of mobile technology in China, it is likely to expect an ongoing growth of mobile health innovations in China in order to provide healthcare services for different groups of consumers. Our healthcare consulting services will help you research, analyze and optimize your performance in the Chinese healthcare market by leveraging the power of e-commerce and social media.

Our steps for Healthcare Consulting in China


Our team of experts can conduct research all across China to capture the key features of each area.


We conduct in-depth interviews with industry professionals, including doctors, Healthcare agencies, top managers, and lawyers, to collect their perceptions on the industry.


After building a list of potential partners, our experts will shortlist the top five potential partners for you to choose the best fit.


After analyzing collected data, our consultants will write down a detailed report including thoughtful recommendations to help you make strategic decisions.

When to opt for healthcare consulting services

Healthcare consulting in China is essential for businesses in the healthcare industry. It provides strategic insights and expertise in areas like market entry, regulatory compliance, healthcare policy, market access, and operational efficiency. Consultants offer guidance on navigating the complex healthcare landscape, understanding regulations, and developing tailored market entry strategies. By opting for healthcare consulting in China, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize operations, and improve patient outcomes. This consulting expertise ensures compliance, capitalizes on market opportunities, and drives growth and success in the dynamic healthcare industry of China.

What Healthcare Consulting brings you

Capture Growing Opportunities

You will be able to capture new trends and opportunities such as China’s rapidly aging population, its susceptibility to chronic diseases, and the Chinese consumers’ propensity to spend more money on healthcare services.

Localized Strategy and Innovation

You will be able to tailor your marketing and business strategies based on the key features of China’s healthcare market, as well as use new media to reach a wider pool of customers.

Deeper understanding of China's e-Health ecosystem

Our healthcare consulting services will enable you to unlock the untapped potential of China's e-Health market.

Healthcare Consulting's related services and methodologies