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Brand Naming China: Why it is Crucial

The Chinese economy has experienced a rapid growth in the open up and reform policy in the 1980s. Being now the second largest economy in the world, the market size multiplies at an astonishing rate. Large, with a huge potential, exotic, the Chinese market is being targeted by many foreign enterprises, hoping to get benefit in the “gold rush”. However, there are many difficulties when it comes to adapt its strategy in China. Brand Naming China is one of the most crucial tasks for foreign companies.

Brand Naming China is the first step of the Branding Strategy in China

Firstly, based on the collectivist culture, Chinese consumers tend to think collectively based on the reputation told by his or her friends or family. Brand recognition is therefore so important that people like to pay a higher price only because of the brand. The Chinese name of the brand is the first impression left to the consumers, which makes the naming of brands the top priority before entering into China market.

Secondly, many examples have shown that getting the wrong name can have huge consequences for the branding of foreign companies. Without having the Chinese linguistic knowledge, some names can have strange pronunciations in Mandarin or other regional dialects, which cause negative influence to the branding strategy in China.

In partnership with Sinonym, Daxue Consulting offers the services below:

  • Brand Naming China
  • Brand naming
  • Product naming
  • Corporate naming
  • Renaming
  • Brand architecture
  • Packaging copy
  • Tagline creationBrand Naming China
Coca-Cola, which is called Kekoukele in China means “tasty and fun”

Daxue uses proven Methodologies for your Brand Naming China

Daxue may use various methodologies to offer brand-naming services:

Quantitative and qualitative market research, leaving no room for imprecision when it comes to assessing the quality of the naming we offer to clients;

Linguistic check to make sure the pronunciation resonates positively in all dialects in China;

Legal check to study the copyright status before going any further in the process of naming;

We provide comprehensive information about each choice offered to out clients. Our clients are assured to get all the naming possibilities and even potential trade-offs of each choice.
Our team is dynamic and cost-efficient for brand naming China. Excellent young graduates from top universities in China, France, UK and the US will devote themselves to meet every demand of our clients.

We also have cultural experts who have multi-dimensional depth in the culture, literature, traditions and history of China. They are capable of offering catchy, evocative and meaningful names in China consumers’ ears.

Simply being able to translate is far from what we are good at. The sounds, the color, the typeface, typesetting convey powerful ideas associated with various emotions. Our professional team with years of experience of marketing will make a well-selected name trigger proper emotion with your customers and clients.

CASE STUDY: For a Packaging Company

D’Elysee a gift boxes company, that was created in Beijing in 2010, ask Daxue to help them find their name in Chinese. D’Elysee’s objective was to find a Chinese name that not only is phonetically similar to the German-French name but also imply on the French meaning of the name Paradise.

Through extensive research, This case has been Tailor-made and completely adaptable to D’Elysee ‘s requirements.

Phase 1: We did the whole preparation phase with the desk research, the store checks and the brand positioning. Based on our research finding and D’Elysee’s objectives, we found the “Pivot Point” their central theme.

Phase 2: The execution phase, our team worked on the keyword generation, the focus group, the name ranking & scoring and on the legal name availability

Phase 3: The third phase will help the client to get all the data and information  required to make the final decision. Such as Comprehensive survey, the decision of the final name and creation of a lexicon to further enhance the brand message in China.

Our solution: Through extensive research on this new market in China our experts found the following name 丹岚舎 DaLan She). The literal meaning is 丹 = Red,  岚= mist within the valley, 舎= Simple room / Letting go. The etymology is, however, more complicated and reaches the Chinese Consumer’s understanding. Our name Danan She met our clients requirements with its similarity of the French Phonetics and the message conveyed. 

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